Bhutan Wood carving class

Wood carving class in Bhutan

Are you an artist?  Zush, an accomplished Catalán artist, tells me an artist exists inside each of us. Mine emerges as a writer and commenter rather than painter, sculptor, or other maker of art.  I practice refining my “eye” for art, traveling the world to see and to learn.  After decades owning an art gallery whose niche was contemporary art from the Southern cone of South America, art is part of me.

Trips to art fairs in Madrid, Chicago, Bogotá, Buenos Aires and more began as a journey about art and life. As I travel beyond the work of the gallery, I commit to share a broader vision of art: all forms resulting from the human spirit’s expression of creativity.

The world  calls: artists’ studios to visit, exhibitions to seek out, art works to view, new cultures to experience. Always more to experience, always more to learn.

Join me on the journey.

Linda Moore


  1. I am very impressed with this blog site, your writing and the perspectives you share from your travels. I look forward to reading future posts.

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